Make life better.

Pottery is made through a process of baking clay for a long time, glazing, drying, and then baking again. Over time, pottery leaves natural traces of human hands and surroundings. Even for a long time, the essence of ceramics does not change. We make clothes by focusing on individual lives that change over time while preserving the essence like ceramics. Pottery makes life better through good clothes.

2021 Winter
Church of the Heart

Our Purpose

Pottery wants to suggest uniforms suitable for modern society. Whereas in the past uniforms were clothes that showed the characteristics of belonging to a group, modern uniforms have become clothes that can also represent an individual's lifestyle. In line with this, Pottery's uniforms present clothing that encompasses identity and personal life at the same time. We strive to create a better work environment and living environment by making uniforms suitable for various occupations, locations, and times

We do our best to make clothes. We envision a product that is needed for a specific situation, and think about whether it is really necessary for that situation. After contemplating whether the clothes should go well with the rest of the situation, if it is judged that it is suitable, we find a suitable fabric. Uniforms should capture the sense of season, durability, and the essence of each form. When the right fabric for the uniform is selected, we make clothes several times. Observe clothes over a period of time and introduce appropriate variations for changing situations.

Our Mission


Headquarter, Center of POTTERY

  • (1) COMPANY

    Pottery observes various occupational groups and conducts a service that provides uniforms with a sense of belonging and unity that fit their culture and environment.

  • (2) HQ

    The head office is a gathering of people who are oriented towards Pottery's unique culture.
    We provide limited item services for those who inspire us through creative and productive activities.


    This is Portary's shared office program that leads the improvement of office culture.
    It is used as the main space for communication and work environment of those who lead creative and productive activities.