Pottery Talent Recruitment Find the job that's right for you, who will change the world by delivering a variety of experiences.

Our Mission
'You can live a better life through various experiences' is the belief that is the cornerstone of all of Pottery's choices. Since 2017, we have been providing experiences that create a better life through research on the basics and delicacy and persistence that do not easily pass even the smallest things. From designing uniforms suitable for modern society to delivering groundbreaking experiences on basics, no matter what kind of job they are in charge of, everyone at Pottery aims to create a better life by delivering various experiences with concentration, delicacy and persistence on the basics. is taking If you sincerely spread the various experiences provided by Pottery, you will be able to look back at the precious moments that can be easily overlooked and see the world with a better perspective.
With H.Q service, we are running a company to build a better world by building an infrastructure that can provide a variety of experiences around the world. Pottery has only introduced a small fraction of the experience it has been able to offer. We are looking for talented people who will create great future experiences to be introduced in the future.
The Importance of The Basics
Pottery is not just a clothing brand. It is the product of constant research on the basics and delicacy and persistence that explores even the smallest details that can be easily overlooked. As a brand that grows and develops day by day, we want to show the most modern basics without hesitation by taking a different path from others, such as raising questions rather than being complacent with the current situation.

Pottery's Value Pottery means pottery. Porcelain is made through a process of baking clay for a long time, lacquering it, drying it, and then baking it again. Over time, pottery leaves natural traces of human hands and surroundings. Even for a long time, the essence of ceramics does not change. Pottery keeps its essence in this way, and builds meaningful experiences according to changing times and environments. Based on this, we create a better life.

We are looking for talented people with a passion to create amazing experiences with people who have the values of the basics and a heart to cherish even the smallest things.

HEAD OFFICE Head Office, the headquarters of Pottery in Seoul, is the most creative and productive space. Through free communication and collaboration with team members, we maximize work efficiency and create wonderful results.

HUB STORE Hub Store team members work from key global locations. The Hub Store team, which introduces Pottery's latest products and provides a comfortable experience, provides local services and plays a central role in delivering the valuable experience Portery provides through communication. By understanding the basics and valuing even the smallest details, we build long-term relationships with our customers and provide differentiated experiences.

Work Benefit We invest in our people so that everyone at Pottery loves what they do. In addition, we think about ways to build a highly satisfactory work environment at every moment, and are not afraid to try. Rather than concentrating on delivering a variety of experiences to customers, the employees working at Pottery are also doing their best to experience a variety of experiences and lead a better life through Pottery.

  •  (1) Product Testing
    Continuous R&D is required to develop fabric, fit, and wearability, which are the most important elements of clothing. To further develop, every employee at Pottery is provided with an annual testing allowance, so they can wear the product themselves and develop together. Other extensive employee discounts apply.
  •  (2) Generous Support
    Enjoy various benefits such as generous annual leave that increases according to the length of service, one month of paid leave after five years of service, and educational support for a better future.
  •  (3) Self-Branding
    As one of the H.Q projects, it is a program that supports you to live a better life by reflecting on yourself and helping you move in a better direction.
  •  (4) Sabbath Month
    We commend you for the hard work you endured, and support you for not getting frustrated and trying again and again. In the hopes that we will have time to recharge and build a better future together with Pottery, we pay 1 month of paid leave after 5 years of work.