We would like to suggest uniforms suitable for modern society by finding the best quality fabrics in each country and selecting them through our own high selection standards. While uniforms in the past were clothes that showed the characteristics of belonging to a group modern uniforms have become clothes that can represent individual lifestyles.

In line with this POTTERY uniform, It presents clothing that encompasses identity and individual life at the same time. We try to make a better life by producing uniforms that fit various occupations places, and times.

Our brand is moving with the value of ‘organized comfort’. I think about how comfortable it is to wear it, and whether it looks comfortable to others.

I was wondering what name I should give to make clothes that can be worn for a long time. We named it POTTERY with the meaning of making our lives a little better.

Material, silhouette, and build quality seem to be the most important, Actually, design is good for organizing clothes, but I think these three things are important.

Basically, we have to design the clothes we want to wear, so we talk with our internal team members about what kind of clothes we want to wear, and find out more about what suits the clothes we have now. I first find a good material and think about how to make it prettier before making an item.

I think that if I do it, I will become more confident, so I work hard until I am as confident as possible. When I don't feel confident because of that, I'm the type of person who constantly pushes myself to make myself more confident by doing it again.

As our brand motto, it is all right if it is to deliver good values such as experiencing good things in life and shaping our lives for the better.

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