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Related to order/payment

QWhere can I check my order history?

You can check the detailed order details by selecting A My Page at the top of the website > Order History > Order Number.

QCan non-members also order and inquire?

AYou can also order non-membership, but please note that you can receive various benefits and information if you register as a pottery member. For non-membership order inquiry, you can enter the order name, order number, and order password in the My Page icon at the top of the website > Non-membership order inquiry.

QCan I change the size after completing the order?

ASize or color can be used only for the same product as the product being prepared. Top of the website My page > Order details > Click the exchange button for the order > Please fill out the reason for the exchange and size and apply for it, and we will help you after checking it.
Please understand that it may not be possible to change the option in the "Preparing for Delivery" state as packing may have already been completed or delivery may have started.

Related to Shipping

QHow long does it take to ship the product?

AWe inform you that the product you ordered is shipped within 2–3 days from the date of order, but most products that have been paid at 11 a.m. on weekdays are shipped the same day as possible.
It will take 1–3 days from the day after the shipment date. For holiday or weekend orders, delivery may take longer due to sequential shipments.

QIs it possible to ship overseas?

AWe send overseas shipments through the post office EMS, and you need to deposit the shipping cost separately.

QI purchased the product on the official online website, but can I exchange/return it at the offline store?

AOnline and offline inventory is operated separately so you cannot exchange/return offline stores when purchasing online. Please understand this.

Regarding cancellation/refund

QI want to cancel my order.

AIf you are in the 'preparing the product', the order can be canceled. However, if the product is "Preparing for Delivery", the order cannot be canceled because the product has been packaged and shipped, so please proceed with the return/refund receipt after receiving the product.

QI finished ordering but can the product be sold out?

AThere is a possibility that it may inevitably be out of stock because of a computer error. It also occurs when defects are found during inspection. In this case, we are informing you of the sold out and cancellation, and we ask for your generous understanding.

QThe return package is confirmed to have been received, when will I get a refund?

AAfter receiving the product you sent, a refund will proceed when the inspection is completed. Please understand that the refund process may be delayed if the warehousing/shipping volume of the distribution center increases.

Please refer to the information below for a refund from the payment company.
(1) Virtual account: When a virtual account is refunded, it will be refunded to the account within about 2 to 3 business days (except holidays). (If you return more than one item, you will be refunded to your account for one day each.)
(2) Real-time account transfer: It will be credited to your account in approximately 3 to 5 days depending on the bank's business day.
(3) Credit Card: Cancellation takes 3 to 7 days depending on the circumstances of the credit card company and the bank company.
(4) Deposit without a bankbook: If a deposit without a bankbook is refunded, the account will be refunded in about 2–3 business days (except holidays). (If you return more than one item, you will be refunded to your account for one day each.)
(5) Accrual: The accrual you used to order will be refunded immediately.

Replacement related

QWhat is the shipping fee for exchange/return?

AIn the case of exchange or return because of the customer's change of mind, the customer must bear the cost of returning the product. (Including color and size exchange) When returning/refunding via prepaid courier, a refund will be made after excluding KRW 3,000 from the payment amount. When returning via credit (colour) courier, a refund will be made after deducting KRW 6,000 from the payment amount.

QHow long can I exchange/return?

AYou can apply for an exchange/return within 7 days of receipt of the product. However, if the product tag is removed or the product value is damaged, exchange or return is not allowed even within 7 days of receipt of the product.

QCan I exchange/return it even after wearing it?

Exchange/return is available if you try on to check the size of A. Please note that if the value of the product is damaged by contamination due to your carelessness (stains, tears, smell of cosmetics/nostalgia, traces of wearing, etc.), it may not be possible to return it.

Related to size

I'm trying to buy

Q products, but I'm not sure what size I should buy.

For Asize consultations, we provide detailed consultation through the following channels. In addition, considering the actual measurement information, size recommendation tabs, and reviews left by customers within the product details page, it will be very helpful to choose the size. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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