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How to spend the rainy season comfortably

We introduce a product that will relieve the burden of getting your clothes wet due to rain that cannot be prevented even if you use an umbrella. It is made of water-repellent cotton and nylon fabric that can be lightly brushed off even in the rain, and with its thin thickness, it can be used as an outerwear not only during the rainy season. Complete your styling with the Potteries' jackets during the short yet long rainy season!

Best 20 Products

Meet weekly updated best 20 products.

Items to be with during the vacation

Here are some cool and comfortable products to wear during the hot summer vacation. Take a vacation with wide pants that can be matched naturally with slippers and shirts that can be worn lightly with relaxed silhouette!

POTTERY 22 S/S Pants Collection

Here are the first shorts of the season, linen pants, and restocked pants. POTTERY pants basically have a relaxed silhouette and a unique cutting method, so you can feel comfortable wearing it. Try different styles with your pants this season!

Summer with Shorts

We introduce shorts and matching products that can be used for summer styling in the increasingly hot weather. Comfort shorts is a comfortable wear that is not tightened with a waistband and string, and the loose fit silhouette of the pocket makes it ideal for casual styling. Use Comfort Shorts to create a casual look this summer!

Staff recommended shirt collection

Let me introduce you to a collection of shirts that are good to wear for denim. POTTERY's unique cutting method makes it a relaxed silhouette, providing a comfortable fit. Use the Portley shirt for casual styling with denim!

Sporty Casual in POTTERY

Even if the weather gets hot, the daily temperature difference between day and night is severe, so you will need products to block the wind or deal with cold sweat. Meet POTTERY products that can be used as daily wear and sportswear for intense sports activities such as jogging and riding.

Relaxed silhouette, short sleeve comfort shirt that can be found in the summer

Short sleeve comfort shirts provide a little more room for length and suites in the same size selection compared to traditional comfort shirts. Complete the comfortable fit and relaxed summer styling with a generous size!

POTTERY's fancy silhouette, comfort shirt

Let me introduce you to the Comfort Shirt, the signature product POTTERY. The comfort shirt has a relaxed and elegant silhouette that provides free activity and comfortable fit. Create a casual look with wide silhouette or comfort-fit pants!

Collection for Summer

Introducing the collection only for summer. Enjoy summer with thin materials and refreshing colors that will make summer cooler!

Plain t-shirt with the most basic focus

Introducing the Comfort T-shirt, which is made of high-ons fine cotton material, gives you a feeling of firmness and softness at the same time. With the most basic style, you can create a natural silhouette by matching it with denim or any pants. If you're worried about a top to match in the summer, complete your styling with the comfort T-shirt of POTTERY!


We introduce products suitable for various styles, from formal to casual, in the increasingly hot weather. The combination of relaxed silhouette and delicate and light fabric provides a comfortable fit. Use it for styling from now until early summer!

In preparation for the upcoming summer

Let me introduce the short-sleeved product of POTTERY in preparation for the hot summer. Even knitwear that can be worn sensibly in the summer and a shirt that can be perfectly styled with one piece. Have a cool summer this year with the comfortable product of POTTERY, which is a combination of relaxed silhouette and light fabric.

Maybe the perfect sweatshirt you were looking for

Here is a collection of sweatshirts from POTTERY that are good to use in all four seasons. The combination of generous volume created by the curves of POTTERY and the delicately designed soft fabric provides unrivaled comfort. Match all pants perfectly to create a variety of styles.

A flowing silhouette of a comfort shirt

The comfort shirt is only worn when matched with wide denim to show the silhouette that the portal pursues. Take it out of your pants and wear it to create a variety of styles, from formal to casual styling.

당연하게 여길 수 있는 것들을 보다 멋지게 활용할 수 있는 방법.

포터리 공식 홈페이지 60만원 이상 구매 시 선착순 50명 한정 Office Kit를 증정합니다. 한 주문 건 내에 구매 시 적용이 되며 주문 건을 나누어 구매 시 적용이 되지 않습니다.

*해당 이벤트는 회원 한정으로 증정이 되며 중복 증정은 되지 않습니다.

Pants that go well with any item

The Porttery's jacket shines even more when it comes with POTTERY pants. From basic tapered pants to consistently popular wide-fit pants, we have collected products that are perfect to match with any jacket. Experience the mood and comfort of POTTERY.

Sports set-up, the beginning of a sensuous office culture

The combination of the pottery sports set-up is very attractive with its unique silhouette and unique fabric. Suits present a new, comfortable and refined formal concept by adding silhouette and pattern variations within traditional categories.

Present a new style of business wear.

The porttery goes beyond the traditional office look and presents the most suitable uniforms for modern society. The generous pattern and high-standard fabric with the POTTERY own cutting method help the wearer wear comfortably and create a nice silhouette. Get POTTERY Business Collection today!

A jacket suitable to wear during seasonal changes

Now that you're most concerned about the outerwear, let me introduce you to the jacket of the most popular POTTERY. The overall jacket of the portal is a relaxed silhouette that gives you a comfortable fit. Please try it with the jacket of the refreshing spring and summer POTTERY.

Summer knitwear focused on comfort and comfortable silhouette

Ice cotton knitwear has been released to provide a cool fit in spring and summer. Ice cotton fabric is light and breathable, providing a pleasant wear even in the summer. In addition, POTTERY relaxed size provides a natural silhouette as well as a comfortable fit.

Restocking of popular products

Popular shirt items have been restocked, including sports settings that best show the identity of POTTERY. Check out button-down shirts that can be worn in various styles and comfortable comfort shirts with relaxed and flexible silhouette.

White Collection

White-colored clothing is the most basic color that must be provided in the closet. Meet white-colored products in a variety of styles, from basic shirts to sweatshirts that can be worn comfortably.

Denim pants that I look for the most

You can feel the charm of the denim fabric itself, which changes according to the wearer's body shape and lifestyle as you wear it by minimizing the chemical dyeing method. Please apply the pottery's own cutting method to supplement your body shape and try various fit styles.

The reason why I'm waiting so long for POTTERY coat

With the pottery's own cutting method, the elegant silhouette goes very well with the thick and solid melton wool material.It also balances well with any product, casual or formal depending on the style. You can use it in various ways.

그 어떤 겨울도 걱정되지 않습니다

최상급 구스를 가득 넣은 포터리 구스다운 컬렉션은 맹추위에도 끄덕 없을 만큼 훌륭한 보온성을 자랑합니다. 또한 가볍고 따듯한 보온성을 함께 지니고 있어 겨울철 자주 착용하게 될 것이라고 확신합니다. 과거의 오리지널 디자인에서 영감을 받았지만, 포터리가 바라보는 현대적인 시각을 함께 제품 디자인에 녹여내었습니다.

부드러움, 또 부드러움에 집중했습니다

실의 굵기와 실의 길이로 인한 터치감의 차이가 니트의 퀄리티를 판단하는 척도입니다. 포터리는 섬세한 가공을 거친 파인 울 소재를 사용하여 맨살에 입어도 무리가 없을 만큼 부드러운 니트를 만들었습니다.

Porttery's signature, shirt collection

I dare say that the POTTERY Shirt Collection is the signature of the POTTERY. Please experience a fine sewing, soft, unique, comfortable fabric, and a elegant silhouette with POTTERY's cutting method.

Lifewear for a comfortable life

I believe that good clothes will lead our lives to better places. Get lifewear today that will make our lives more comfortable!

Latest Workwear

The identity of POTTERY is not just an office look, but a uniform of modern society that can be worn in more diverse environments. I hope that wearing a portal will change your attitude toward your work positively. As part of this hope, the business collection focused more on well-made, comfortable clothes.

Easy wear for commuting

Comfortable, comfortable workwear for full focus

Best Workwear for Modern Society

The identity POTTERY is not just an office look, but a uniform of modern society that can be worn in more diverse environments. I hope that wearing a portal will change your attitude toward your work positively.

22 S/S New Products

Introducing new designs and colorful shirts to be released for the first time in the 22 S/S season. POTTERY shirt is useful as an innerwear or a single item for light wear, so it is a highly versatile product that can create various styles.

A spring jacket

A new S/S collection jacket has been released that makes it easy to wear anywhere every day. Here is the spring outerwear of POTTERY that allows you to create a relaxed silhouette and a sophisticated atmosphere with its own cutting method.

꽃샘 추위를 대비하기 위한
도톰한 니트

갑자기 찾아올 꽃샘 추위를 준비하며 포터리의 니트 컬렉션을 소개합니다. 부드러운 원단과 여유로운 실루엣으로 착용시 편안함을 느낄 수 있습니다.

우리 일상과
항상 함께할 옷

우리가 일상생활에서 착용하는 가장 필수적인 아이템. 포터리의 가장 기본적인 디자인의 아이템을 소개합니다.

지금 가장 인기 있는 셔츠

셔츠 핏과 컬러 선택에 있어 고민을 조금이나마 덜어드리기 위해, 포터리 셔츠에서 지금 가장 인기 있는 TOP 13을 소개합니다.

아프리카에서 수확한 면으로 만들어진 부르키나 데님 시리즈

포터리만의 커팅 방식을 적용하여
유려한 실루엣의 코트 컬렉션

포터리만의 커팅 방식을 적용하여 유려한 실루엣은 두툼하고 탄탄한 멜톤 울 소재와의 궁합이 굉장히 훌륭합니다.또한 어떤 제품과 매치하여도 밸런스가 좋으며, 스타일링에 따라 캐주얼하게, 또는 포멀하게. 다양하게 활용이 가능합니다.

90/10 비율의 구스로 가득 채워넣은 다운 컬렉션

최상급 구스를 가득 넣은 포터리 구스다운 컬렉션은 맹추위에도 끄덕 없을 만큼 훌륭한 보온성을 자랑합니다. 또한 가볍고 따듯한 보온성을 함께 지니고 있어 겨울철 자주 착용하게 될 것이라고 확신합니다. 과거의 오리지널 디자인에서 영감을 받았지만, 포터리가 바라보는 현대적인 시각을 함께 제품 디자인에 녹여내었습니다.

미리 준비하는 봄

곧 맞이할 봄을 반기기 위해, 가볍고 산뜻한 무드를 연출할 수 있는 제품을 준비해보세요. 이 컬렉션은 유행을 타지 않는 시즌리스 제품들로, 봄철에 입기 가장 적합한 제품들로만 준비했습니다.

가장 정석적인 면바지

면바지는 어떤 상의와 매치하여도 잘 어울릴 수 있는, 정석적이며 기본적인 컬러를 우선적으로 구비해야 합니다. 포터리의 워시드 테이퍼드 팬츠가 바로 그런 바지입니다. 적당히 여유 있는 사이즈감과 밑단으로 갈수록 좁아지는 테이퍼드 핏으로 누구에게나 잘 어울리는 치노 팬츠입니다.

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